Celebration of Hope 2011

From just one three-week pilot “Compassion” campaign in 2006, more than 17,000 people volunteered and packed 4.2 million meals. Water filtration systems and wells made safe drinking water available to 200,000 people on a regular basis. By harnessing the power of story, this three-week initiative has run annually for nine years providing meals, water, sustainable gardens, shelter, and education for girls in under-resourced areas globally. The 2011 campaign was to help meet the need of shelter. As I studied the photos of the housing situation I noticed how everything was put together with found objects like tin, tarps, and black plastic sheets. Roofs were held on by putting heavy objects on top. This led me to design using a collage style. Nothing was clean white. No right angles. Some text was made to look as if it was on the different elements. All to give a picture of the situation they were living in. Style Guide for Layout The 2011 Celebration of Hope campaign was about shelter. When we looked at the photos of the current shelter conditions we were addressing we saw weathered, rusted, and thrown together structures using found objects. We took the same approach to our design layout. (1) Pages were tinted and textured to give a weathered look instead of stark white. (2) Photos and text backgrounds were to never have right angles so to look imperfect and thrown together. (3) Collages of images of found objects made up backgrounds.

Style Guide for Layout
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